Buyer's Guide



Your Dream, Now

Meet with the BloomHomes Team. We'll walk you through the homebuying process, help you identify preferred neighborhoods, and get you the tools you'll need to succeed. Use this time to identify your Top 5 Wants in a home. 

Secure Your Dream Home

Get preapproved. Without a formal preapproval letter (not a prequalification), sellers will not consider an offer from you. We will recommend lenders who deliver the best rates and service. With the lenders we'll recommend, you should have your preapproval in 48 hours. 

Maximize Home Tours

See as many homes as you possibly can. We'll provide you with weekend Open Home guides, access to our Realtor MLS database, and also visit homes with you. The more homes that you see will help you find the one you'll call home fastest.

Smart Pricing Insights

With our help, track the market so you understand pricing. Unlike much of the nation, many homes here are listed under market and then are bid up to market value (though not all!). Tracking a home from listing, through pending and final sale, will help you understand where another home will sell relative to the listing price. (We'll also give you expected sale ranges.)

Dream Home Offers

When you identify a home that hits 4 of your Top 5 Wants, write an offer. There will be disclosures to review, picking an offer price, and signing documents, with our guidance. While you may not get your first offer accepted, we have been wildly successful in helping people buy their dream home -- and you will, too.

Work With Us

Get help with your current property value, creating or reviewing competitive offers, negotiating a sale, and much more. Contact the BloomHomes Team now.

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